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Friday, 3 April 2020

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

Hello, Friends Welcome to Steps To Blogging.  In today's post, we are going to tell you What is favicon if you too want to add Favicon icon to your blog but you are not aware of it, then you have come to the right place.  Along with this, you will also know how to add favicon in blogger.

How to generate favicon will also tell you today through this post.  We will explain it to you in very simple language.  Hope you like all our posts.  Similarly, you continued to like every post on our blog.

If you are also a blogger and want to make your blog professional like a website, then Favicon Icon should be installed in your blog.  This also makes your site look good.  It also helps your readers identify your site. 

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

All the website icons are different which can be identified by Favicon.  Its size is also small.  Adding a larger size Favicon does not show this, which also affects the loading speed of the blog.  It would be better to make the related image from your blog a Favicon Icon. 

So let's know how to generate a favicon for blogger.  This post for using Favicon in your blog What is a favicon?  Must read from beginning to end.  Only after reading the post completely, you will get complete information about it and you will be able to use Favicon properly.

What is Favicon? 

Favicon gives your blog a professional look.  This is the identity of the website.  Whenever we open a site in the browser, the name of the site is shown in the top of the browser and along with that the icon of the site is also shown. This is Favicon.  So that we can easily identify any site.  It is a small icon.

Favicon's full form is Favorite Icon.  Which is called Favicon in Short.  The size of the Favicon is 16x16 Pixel.  The blog has an official icon.  It is in the orange colour which is B shaped.

How to Generate Favicon

To apply Favicon in your blog, you can also design it according to your own.  Keep in mind that the Favicon should be 16x16 Pixel.  Follow the steps given below to make Favicon.

Step: 1 Go To Website

First of all, you have to go to this website Favicon Generator.

Step: 2 Tap On Choose File

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

If you want to make Favicon of any photo of your choice, then choose File by clicking Choose File.

Step: 3 Generate Only 16 × 16 Pixel Favicon.Ico

After selecting the file, mark it below Generate Only 16 × 16 Pixel Favicon. Ico and click on Create Favicon in Last.

Step: 4 Download Favicon

Now click on Download The Generated Favicon and download.

Step: 5 Keyword

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

If you want to create a new icon or by typing a word, then you have to type that word in the Keyword.

Step: 6 Select Colors

Select the colour you want to create.

Step: 7 Download Favicon

Click on the Favicon of your choice and download it.

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

You have learned to make Favicon.  Now you will know further how to add it to the blog.  Let's know how to add the favicon to blog.

Step: 1 Login Your Blog

First, log in to your blog and go to the dashboard.

Step: 2 Tap On Layout

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

After going to the dashboard, click on Layout.

Step: 3 Tap On Edit

Now after this the page of Layout will open.  In this, click Edit under Favicon.

Step: 4 Tap On Choose File

After clicking Edit, a Popup Window will open.  Click on Choose File and select Favicon.

Step: 5 Tap On Save

How To Add Favicon In Blogger

After selecting Favicon, click on Save and save your Favicon.

Just now your blog has Favicon.  You can try opening your blog.  So friends, by making Favicon for your blog, you can add it to your blog.

Benefits to add Favicon on blog

There are some advantages of using Favicon in blogs.  So know what are the benefits of applying Favicon in a blog.
  1. With more tabs open in the browser, it is known from the Favicon that which tab contains which site.
  2.  This creates a distinct identity of the blog.
  3.  Using Favicon in a blog looks like a professional website.
  4.  Its look and colour can be changed to your liking.

In today's post, you knew what is a favicon? and along with this, How To Add Favicon In Blogger. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

How To Add Favicon In Blogger To know this, please take help of this post of ours. How to generate favicon. You must have known this well through this post. Tell us how you liked this information by commenting.

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