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Thursday, 9 January 2020

What is Event Blogging and how to make money from it?

What is Event Blogging and how to make money from it?

You will not know what is Event blogging script Download and what happens in it, but you must have seen this type of website.  Talking about the Blogging field, then new blogs are being created day by day, in such a situation, it is a little difficult to rank with the help of SEO in Google and write a high quality article.

If you do not have to do SEO nor write an article and you want to earn money from websites, then you can do script blogging, in which you have to use web script to create a website and work on making it popular.

Let us know in detail, what is Script Blogging and what happens in it.  How can we earn money with the help of Script Blogging or what we have to do in it.

What is Script Blogging

Script Blogging consists of a website that is created by focusing some topic.  With the help of these websites, users send Wish to each other with the help of these websites like  New Year, Diwali, Holi, Independence Day, Valentine Day etc.

Just like when the new year is coming, if Happy New Year Wish, with the help of these websites you can wish your name in an animated way.  You must also have a message like this in which there is a link, after clicking on it, the website opens in which the Wish is done.

To create that type of website, we have to use his script, after which our work is finished.  It is then our job to reach out to more people on the website before the event date.

Event blogging

Benefits of script blogging

  • No need of SEO, direct traffic comes.
  •  No need to write a post.
  •  There is no need to update again and again in the website, once finished, the work is finished.
  •  A lot of traffic comes at the time of the event, due to which good earning is made.
  •  No need to create backlinks.

Script Blogging Disadvantages

If we talk about the benefits, then it is also important to talk about the losses.  As it is, there is no need to invest a lot of money to do script blogging, yet it is a little difficult to get success in it.
  •  There is no guarantee that the website will be viral.
  •  There is a risk of using Adsense.

How to create a website for Script Blogging

These things are needed to create a website:


Script To do blogging, first of all you need a domain.  If you do not want to use adsense, then you can also use free domain.  But on free domain, you can only use ads network accepting affiliate or free domain.

Wishing Script: 

To create a website, firstly you need a script which you will find on the Internet. Blogger Hosting are also available in free or you can get paid according to your need.  Like we have shared some scripts.  The websites that are made in Script Blogging are also called wishing websites.
  •  New Year Wish Script
  •  wish script website with name
  •  Wish Script for Blogger

Adsense Account: 

It is very difficult to approve adsense account on Event Blog but many bloggers first write 10-20 unique posts on domain and then when Adsense Approval is found then convert it to a Wishing Website through which  Many bloggers are earning even today.

Using adsense on a wishing website can also disable adsense account, so you can use affiliate or network ads instead of adsense.

Using all the things, you have to create a Wishing Website before the event and place adsense or other network ads on it.

How will traffic come on Wish Script website

After the website is ready, the most difficult thing to do is to promote the website in which you have to share the website more easily.  You can share the website in Facebook Group and whatsapp Group.  I will tell you that you should use the new number for this work and use a different Facebook account, because of the promotion of Website traffic, the account gets blocked.

By searching the list of groups on Google itself, you can share your script on the website by making a group-based group. 

Which Events to Target on Script Blogging?

Script Blogging is made for Unna Moko, when people wish each other, they use the script website to show a little better, then we have to take advantage of that and as many such occasions when people congratulate someone  Let's send a message on that messenger.

These can bring good traffic by creating some topic zipper script websites
  •  New year
  •  Christmas
  •  Deepawali
  •  Holi
  •  Valentin day
  •  EID
Apart from these you can also create another website, all scripts are almost a JC, so you can create a website for any new event by yourself.

In Conclusion

Creating a Wish Script website is easy and there is no need for any knowledge in it.  

It is not that good traffic will come at the time of the event on the website, it depends on how many people the website has reached.  Meaning we can also say that it depends on how little the website is popular.

How can you tell this information by commenting and if you have any strength, then you can ask by commenting.

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