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Thursday, 30 January 2020

What Is Adnow? How To Make Adnow Account - How To Make Money With Adnow

Hello friends, welcome to StepsToBlogging, today we will tell you that What is Adnow, if you also want to get information about How to make Adnow account, then you are reading the right post, through this post we will give you complete information about it.  Will give
 We are going to give you such important information about How to make money with Adnow in this post, which most people do not know about, if you want to know about How to work adnow, then from the beginning of this post  Must read till the end.

Friends, if you work on a website or blog, then you must have heard about AdNow, it is similar to Google Adsense, which you can earn money by putting on your website or blog, it has many features which provide high CPC on Blogging.

If you are worried about the low CPC you get from Adsense, then you can connect with AdNow, it provides a higher CPC (Cost Per Click) than Adsense.  Taking Approval of AdNow is very easy, you can earn good money by using AdNow on New Blogger Low Traffic.

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Like Adsense, it does not take much time to take approval, there are some blogs whose Adsense does not approve Adsense, they can use Blogger AdNow.  Today we will give you AdNow full knowledge in our post, now let us tell you what AdNow is.

What Is Adnow

AdNow is an advertising network from which you can earn money by placing ads on your blog.  AdNow Uk's advertising company that provides ads on CPC & CPM (Cost Per Mile), is offering its service in more than 110 countries.

AdNow was formed in 2014 by a group called RBT and Big Data Group, a group of Group Digital Marketers.  AdNow Company started working with Publisher in 2015.

How To Make Money With Adnow

To earn money from AdNow, first of all, you have to increase Visitor on your blog or website because you can earn as much as Visitor will visit your blog, if 100-200 Visitor opens your page daily then you are better than AdNow Money can be reduced.

To earn money from AdNow, first of all, you have to create an account on AdNow, let's now tell you about how to create an account on AdNow.

How To Make Adnow Account

  • AdNow Official Website

First of all visit the official website of AdNow or you can also go to its website by clicking on AdNow.

  • Signup
What Is Adnow? How To Make Adnow Account - How To Make Money With Adnow

On it, you will see the option of Signup in the Top Right Side, click on it.

  • Registration

 As soon as you click on the button of Signup, then the registration form will open in front of you, where you have to fill your Detail.

What Is Adnow? How To Make Adnow Account - How To Make Money With Adnow

  •  Name - Here you have to enter your full name.
  •  Email - Enter the mail from which you want to create your account here.
  •  Password - Here you have to enter a strong password of your choice.
  •  Confirm Password - Enter the password you had entered here again.
  •  I Accept And Agree To All Of The Terms And Conditions - Click on its checkbox.
  •  I Am Not A Robot - You have to Verify Recaptcha by clicking here.
  •  Submit - After checking all your details, click on Submit Button.
  • Activate Account

After filling all the details, a Confirmation Mail will come to your email address, in which you will be given a link, by clicking on which you have to activate your account, now your account has been created on AdNow.

How To Use Adnow

  • Login AdNow Account

After the account is activated, you have to log in to AdNow, enter your email and password to log in and click on the Login button.

  • Add Site
As soon as you log in, then the page will be open in front of you, there you will see the option of Add Site, click on it.

  • Fill Blog Details

Here you have to give your blog details.

  • Website Name - Here you have to give the name of your website on which you want to place ads.
  •  Website Address - Put the website you want to give for your blog here
  •  Website Language - Select the language of your website
  •  Website Traffic - In this option, you have to select the traffic of your blog

After giving all the details, click on Add Button, as soon as you click on it, then you will have a New Pop Page Open.

  • Click On Ok Button

Click on the checkbox in front of Agree with the Penalties in Case of Violence of the Rule and click on Ok Button.

As soon as you click on Ok Button, your Site AdNow Account…

  • Add widgets

Now a dashboard will be opened in front of you, where you can click on Add Widgets and add to your blog and apply it on your blog.

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 AdNow  Benefits

  • The best advantage of AdNow is that if you upload a Hindi blog or blog in another language, then it provides you ads in Hindi Fonts.
  •  AdNow pays you within 7 days. It follows the 7 Payment Scheme.
  •  In this, payment is made through Payoner, Paypal, and Wire Transfer.
  •  This Ad Network pays you at least 20 $.
  •  These ads are completely safe for you because the Ad of this Ad Network is already checked.
  •  In this ad network, you can create your personal account, in which there is complete information about your ads.
  •  These ads do not create any problem on your website, the speed of this network is fast, it does not matter on your website.
  •  You can customize Widget Ads according to your needs.


So, friends, this was our today's post What Is AdNow, about which we gave you complete information about it, we hope that we have explained to you how to make Adnow account well and you understand our post very well I must have come.

We hope you will like the information about what is Adnow, with which you also got to learn about How to make money with Adnow, you can share our post with your friends and also on social media.

If you have any problem in our post How to Use Adnow, then you can tell us by commenting, we will try our best to solve your problem, you must like and share our post so that more people can also get information about it.

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