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Monday, 27 January 2020

How to find a stolen mobile CEIR Mobile Tracking Portal | How to Track Lost Mobile | Lost Mobile Trick 2020

How to get a stolen mobile  How to find your mobile In this article, we are going to talk about how to find a stolen mobile, that is, if you have a stolen mobile phone, then how can you track it?  If you also have a mobile stolen, how can you track it or How to block stolen mobile.

Mobile phone selling is happening fast, the number of mobile customers is increasing, so the number of mobile solten has increased.  Earlier, when someone's mobile phone was stolen, he would simply block his SIM card by calling his Telecom Company Customer Care Number ...

But there is a bad news for those who steal mobile, Indian Government has come to stop the business of mobile theft of such thieves.  Actually, Indian Government has launched a portal named CEIR, where the stolen mobile can be blocked and a complaint can also be made of that mobile.

What is CEIR? 

The full name of CEIR is Central Equipment Identity Register.  This is a kind of database store name of the Indian Government's Mobile IMEI Number.  Which already exists in India and in the coming days to sell in the market IMEI Number of Mobile Phone and stores it.

Through CEIR, Indian Government keeps a record of your mobile phone, if you want to block your stolen mobile and want to track and complain with it, then you can do it through CEIR Portal.  Portal named Indian Government CEIR has been launched, through which you can block or track stolen mobile.

What is IMEI Number? 

IMEI has a full form International Mobile Equipment Identity.  Which means international mobile device identification im.  To say that the IMEI number of the mobile you are using is a unique number,

Which every mobile phone user has different IMEI number.  Which you can find out by typing * # 06 # in your mobile dial Paid.  Apart from this, when you have made a mobile purchase, the IMEI Number in its box also remains Mansion.

You can change your SIM number mobile, but you cannot change your IMEI number, even if you want to change it by doing your mobile root even then it will not change, even if it is, then that mobile is no longer usable  Will be able to live.

What is Mobile Tracking Portal? 

Now you can also call Mobile Tracking Portal as CEIR Portal, because this attempt by Indian Government is going to help in finding the stolen mobile.  If you have stolen your mobile through the Mobile Tracking Portal CEIR, then you can complain about it through this portal,

You can block that mobile, so that it will not be able to use mobile and together you can also track that mobile.  Just for this you should know the IMEI number of your mobile.  Even if you do not have the IMEI number of your stolen mobile, you can still complain with the IMEI number written in that mobile box.

What can we do in CEIR Portal

You also want to know how to find mobile from IMEI Number, then CEIR Portal is the biggest thing for you because you can search your lost mobile for this website and together you can do many other types of activity.  You will not have your mobile yet, which is mentioned below: -

1. If your mobile has been stolen, then you can block it, so that all the data you have in that mobile will be blocked and that mobile will not be usable, even if someone installs another SIM card in that mobile. No telecom company will do SIM work in your mobile. In a way, we can say that the mobile bus has been a wagon.

2. If you want to find your mobile then you can also find here through your IMEI Number. If you do not find where your mobile is, then you have more option.

3. You can supplement your stolen mobile. In which you have to provide some details, after which your Area Police will provide it to you by searching.

How to Find Mobile with CEIR Portal

Do you also want to know how to find a stolen mobile, how to find a lost mobile, how to find a lost mobile, how to find a mobile with an MI number, how to find a mobile with an IMEI number, stolen mobile phone, my phone To find out the answer to all these questions, you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to open the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) website, after that you will show the image as shown below.

2. Now you will have three Options Show below in front of you which is the following: -

Block Stolen / Lost Mobile: - From where you can block your stolen mobile, so that all the data in your mobile will be deleted and your mobile will be blocked. So that no one can use it now.

Un-block Found Mobile: - From where you can un-block your mobile phone which you had blocked, so that it will be able to reuse mobile again. Remember, the person who blocked this mobile can also unblock it.

Check Request Status: - If you have complained your stolen mobile on CEIR portal, then you can check the status of that application from here, in which process your application is currently.

3. When your mobile is stolen, you have to click on the option of Block Stolen / Lost Mobile.

4. Now you will have a Request for Blocking Lost / Stolen Mobile Form Show, which you will have to fill.

Device Information: - In the form with this name, you used to put your mobile number in your SIM lost mobile, if you used two numbers, then you can type both, otherwise you can type the same mobile number.

After that you have to type the IMEI number of your mobile, if you do not know the IMEI number of your lost mobile, then when you purchased that mobile, then its box remains mansion from there, you can see it and type it.

Now you have to select which brand your mobile was and what is its Device Model. You have to fill it all.

Then you have to upload a photo of your mobile purchase Invoice Bill. Which you will definitely have, if you do not have your Mobile's Invoice Bill, then when you took it online, then you can take Invoice again by going to My Order or you took offline who go to that Retailer and get their Invoice again. Can be obtained

Lost Information: - In the form with this name, you have to tell where your mobile is lost in which you have to fill the lost place, Lost Date, State, District, Near Police Station.

Here the option of Police Complaint Number and Upload Police Complaint Photo is also given, if you have not done your lost Mobile Police Complaint, then first you have to complain to it in your local Police Station, so that Cyber ​​Team will help you in finding it.  Can do.

Mobile Owner Personal Details: - Here you have to fill the personal details of the person who used to use this mobile, whose name he was Mobile Add.

Here, you have Mobile Owner Full Name, Address, Identity Photo, Identity Number, Email ID which was logged in Mobile.  After filling all this, there will be an OTP Send on your given number which you will have to Verify by typing.

Then finally you have to read the box containing its disclaimer and tick it and after that you have to click on Submit Button.

After all this, Central Government's Cyber ​​Security Force will track your lost mobile through CEIR.  She will then block him.  Even when your mobile block becomes there, CEIR will keep trying to track it through your mobile's IMEI number.

When Cyber ​​Security Team comes to know your stolen mobile or Lost Mobile Detail, then they will contact you through personal details in the form given by you and will provide you your mobile which you can use through your Complaint Number.  Unblock can also be used to reuse again.

How to Unblock Block Mobile

If your lost mobile phone has been found by CEIR through Cyber ​​Team and you have found that mobile, then you have to first unblock that block mobile, so that you can use it again, for this you will  Has to follow: -
  1. First of all click on this link of CEIR Portal.
  2. Then a small form will open in front of you, as you have to fill.

  1. When you have complained about your mobile being lost on the CEIR portal, then you will have got a request ID which is the first thing you have to type.
  2. Then the same mobile number you gave to block the mobile, after that you again type the same mobile number.
  3. Now you have to click on Button with Get OTP and Verify OTP and click on Submit Button.

Now your Block Mobile will become Unblock after some time, which you can use it again and you can also retrieve your lost data. So in this way you can unblock your Block Mobile.

How to check CEIR Complaint Status

If you want to know how to check CEIR Complaint Status, then you can do this very easily. For this, you can click on the check request status page of CEIR portal and type your request ID and click on Submit Button.

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Here you can check your Lost Mobile Complaint Status.  In which many details will be given.  In which your Lost Mobile Complaint Application Status will be written about which Situation your Complaint is at present.

Last word

How did you find a stolen mobile in this article?  How to Find Lost Mobile Hope you too have learned how to do Lost Mobile Block.  Do share it on social media, so that everyone can know about How to find lost mobile.  Thank you very much to all of you for reading this article from beginning to end.

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