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How To Add Meta Tags And Description In Blogger [Full Guide]

Hello friends, are you a blogger and you do not know that How to add meta tag description code on blogger, and if you want to know this, then you have come to the right article.  Today we are going to tell you in full detail how to add meat tag description in Blogger.

We all know that is the service of google itself and the blog created on is already seo done but some steps have to be completed by jumping but if your site is on wordpress then you will know  With the help of yoast plugin, we do seo of your blog, but after creating a blog on blogger platform, no seo plugin is given to use it, it has to be seo by jumping.

So let's come to the top of the topic now and know that How to add meta and description on blogger. 

What is Meta Tag Code

Meta Tag description is an HTML code, if you have any knowledge about HTMl, then you will understand very easily that what is HTMl Code and how to add to Blogger blog, I will still tell you.

What comes in the Meta Tag Code
  •   What is the blog about.
  •  What is the topic of the blog.
  •   Blog has an admin con.
  •  Which country has a blog.
  •   Which things to bring to the Google search engine.

How To Add Meta And Description On Blogger Blog. 

How to Add Meta Tag Code in Blogger: If you want to add or add Meta Tag Code to your blog, then before applying this code, your blog should be added to search engines like Google, Bing, Alexa, etc.  And it is necessary to have Facebook page, Twitter page along with it.  So let's now know that meta Tag Kaise banaye.

Step: 1

It is very easy to add meta Tag code to Blogger.  Just you have to follow my given step.

First of all, go to the following link: Meta tag code generator for your blog

Description: In this, you have to tell about your blog. Only write about the blog in 160 words in such a way that anyone can see it and understand what is in this blog, it is very important to add it because when you share your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, then your blog description show it occurs .

Keywords: what is keyword, everyone knows what it means, you have to add some word to the keyword which is the main topic of your blog. Just like my blog is something like this - Steps To Blogging Learn How To Turn Your Blog into profitable Business. Internet Is Full Of Money Making Opportunities.

Author: In author, you can write your name so that google can know that this blog has an Admin cone and looks after this blog. If you do not want to give it so important then you can add it.

Language: In this, you can choose your language like - English, Hindi Gujarati, etc. Which language do you work on? This is also not so much you can leave it if you want.

Country: In this, you have to enter the name of the country in which country you live. Such as - India, pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Reboot: This is very important part, in this option, we have to tell you what you want to see in the blog page of Google search engine and what not. I ask you to let it be all.

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Now you have to copy the code that you have created.

How To Add Meta And Description On Blogger

Friends, as you understood above how to make meta tag code generator, but how to create meta tag description code.  Now it comes to how to add this code in Blogger.

Step: 1 First of all go to's site and login your blog

Steps: 2 Now you have to select the theme.  After that go to Edit HTMl.

Step: 3 Now you have to search <Head> code inside Template, for this, press Ctrl + f button in computer keybord, after that a search box will open, in which you have to search Head, you will find the Head Code at the top.

Step: 4 Now that we have created the meta Tag code at the top, we have to put that code under <Head>. For this, you can paste by pressing Ctrl + v button.

Step: 5 Now save the Template.

Friend, now you have given Google talk about the blog with the help of meta tag, if you have any question related to meta tag, then you must make a comment.


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