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Saturday, 25 January 2020 Review |What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net

Hello Friends Welcome to Today we are going to tell you Review | What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net, then you have come to the right place. Because in today's post you will know that how to earn money from

How To Make Money With Media.Net will also know you through this post today. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Likewise, you continued to like all the posts on our blog.

Now days everyone is earning money online and it is very easy. The use of the Internet has made everything easier. Even we can earn money online. If you are a blogger then you must know about Media.Net. With its help, you can earn good money by blogging.

To earn money from this, you must first create an account on it, only then you can earn money from Media.Net. And it is also important to know what is its Terms & Condition. So you will learn further how to use it for your blog. Review |What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net

So let's know How To Make Money With Media.Net if you also want to earn good money using it, then read this post How To Make Money With Media.Net from beginning to end. Only after reading the post completely, you will get full information about it.

What Is Media.Net

It is provided by Yahoo and Bing. You can also call it Adsense Alternative. This can also be very good for those who are not getting Adsense Approve. Its biggest feature is that it is the Contextual Ads Network.

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Meaning, the topic on which the post of your blog is, you will be shown ads of the same type. In this, you can also customize your ads. If your blog is in Hindi, then you cannot use it. It supports English language only. It is also very easy to earn money and it becomes quick to approve for the blog.

How To Work Media.Net

First of all, you have to have an English blog or website.  Media.Net's Approval is available only to English websites or blogs.

When your blog or website is fully ready to show Ads, then you have to apply for it.

After which you get its Approval.  After getting approval, you can earn money by placing its ads on your website.

How To Create Media.Net Account

To use Media.Net, you have to create an account on this. Know Media.Net Account Kaise Banaye:

1. Go To Website

 First of all, you have to go to its official website Media.Net.

2. Enter Your Details

After visiting the website, you will have to give some information about it.

  • Enter Website Url - You have to enter the Url of your website in it.
  • Enter Email Address - and now enter your Email Address. 
  •  Mobile Number - Enter your mobile number in it.
3. Enter Captcha Code

Now enter Captcha in the Captcha box.

4. Tap on get started

After giving your information, click on Get Started. Now a mail will come on your email, in which you will be told that it will take some time to get your account approved.
 Whenever your account is approved, your Username and Password will be sent to your Email Adress.

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After that you can create Ads in Media.Net and put it on your blog or website. So in this way you can create an account on Media.Net and use it for your blog.

How To Make Money With Media.Net

In this, payment is made after your account becomes 100 $.  With the help of Paypal or Wire Transfer Bank, you can take your payment once it is 100 $.

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This network gives you High Cpc (Cost Per Click). All the ads that are placed on your site are of High Cpc. Media.Net's Cpc is 0.50, then you get 1 $ on 2 Clicks.

Media.Net Account Features 

In this, you also get many features, using which you can make your blog better.  So further, know what its features are:
  • Contextual Advertisement
Your blog will have the same type of Ads Show as the content you have written for your blog.

  • Mobile Ads
It detects the mobile browser and makes them show ads according to the browser the user is using.

  • High Quality Ads
In this you will get Ads of High Quality.

  •  No Account Ban Issue
Your account will not be banned in Media.Net.

Media.Net Advantages

If you use Media.Net, then you also get its benefits.  So know what are the benefits of using it:

  •  In this, you can also select your category, which category should have Ads Show.
  •  It also shows ads for mobile users.  So that the mobile user can also see the ads and click on them.
  •  Media.Net company also provides help facility to you.  It helps you to setup your Ads.
  •  You get click money in CPC ads.
  •  When the same user clicks on the ads repeatedly, it is called Invalid Click, which also benefits you.

Media.Net Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of Media.Net about which we are telling you further, then you know what its disadvantages are:

  •  It only supports the English language. This is its biggest disadvantage. Nowadays people do blogging in all languages.
  •  You add all the websites in it, they have to approve first, only then you can show ads. If a user wants to show Ads on more than one website, then all websites have to be added and approved.
  •  In this, you can add only 10 websites to one account.


Through today's post, you have learned Review  What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net that the information given by us will be useful for you.

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