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Thursday, 19 December 2019

Why is SSD hosting better than HDD hosting - Know the benefits of SSD hosting

Why is SSD hosting better than HDD hosting – Know the benefits of SSD hosting –

If you have compared different websites to buy web hosting, then you must have heard or seen these two words. SSD and HDD

These 3-3 letter words represent two different types of storage disks that any web hosting offers. You should know what type of storage disk your web hosting company offers and what is better for you: SSD or HDD.

Although both are great ways to store files, but if we compare SSD hosting with HDD hosting, then SSD has very significant benefits. In this post I will tell you what is the meaning of these two words and why you should always choose SSD hosting instead of HDD hosting.

SSD Vs HDD: What is Difference?

Full form of HDD is: Hard Disk Drive  It represents an old style storage hard drive which has a physical disk which spins and stores your data. That is, whenever you have to access your data, it will always be a bit dealy, because during that time the disk will spin. HDD has always been a great option for storage, but until a few years ago, as long as it was used only in computers. But with more affordable and larger capacity SSDs, the trend will now have to shift.

The full form of SSD is: Solid State Drive Unlike an HDD, it does not have any disks to spin. All data is stored in microchips only. Because there are no moving parts in it, an SSD loads data much faster than an HDD.

What are the advantages of SSD hosting? When it comes to the comparison of SSD and HDD, there is no battle. SSD has many and significant advantages over HDD. The only thing in which HDD is good, and that is, price per GB of storage, but this gap is also getting reduced day by day. Below, I have explained the different benefits of HDD over SSD:

  • Hosting of Faster Speed – Because Solid State Drives are generally faster than HDD, its major benefit is speed in terms of hosting as well. Because your drive can serve data faster, your site will also load faster. Dreamhost noted that when they shifted from HDD to SSD, their hosting speed improved by 200%. Because Pagespeed is a Google ranking factor, it is very important for every page of your website to load faster.

  • Great Data Security HDD depends on physical spinning – so the chances of mechanical failure are more than SSD in HDD. And if a drive fails, then your data is at risk. All hosting providers often offer backup for this work. Backup of SSD hosting can also be done quickly, in such a way SSD offers you great data security from HDD.

  • Your Requests Faster Execute Unlike HDDs, SSDs – can both read and write data at the same time. This means that they serve web requests faster than HDD and also give good performance for heavy sites. By doing this, there is less load on other resources of your system.

  • Database is great for intensive use like eCommerce and Forums – If you host websites or apps that reply to more databases, such as an eCommerce website or forum, then if your database is on SSD hosting, queries will process faster, and your sites will perform very well.

  • Less Power Usage and Environment Friendly – SSD drives use only 20% of the power HDD needs to run. So, if you use SSD instead of HDD on a large scale, then you will get a huge benefit of power saving and thus this method will also be environment friendly.

  • Great Performance because Fregmentation does not happen – There is a very big problem of fragmentation in HDD. If there is no such disk data fragmentation problem in SSD, then it offers you very good performance in comparison to HDD.

  • The cost of SSDs is going down This is not a benefit – because for the same storage capacity, the cost of SSD is still much higher than HDD. But this price gap is getting reduced day by day. Now it has become easy to get such budget shared hosting plans which offer SSD at the same HDD hosting price.

Major web hosting companies such as DreamHost and InMotion have already switched from HDD to SSD. SSD hosting will be much cheaper soon. Such a point will come soon, when SSD hosting will become a standard for all web hosting companies in place of HDD.

final thoughts With affordable SSD options offered by Major web hosting, there is no longer any reason to choose HDD hosting. SSD hosting is better than HDD hosting in every sense!

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