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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Single Topic Vs Multiple Topic Blogging: What Better To Earn Money

Single Topic Vs Multiple Topic Blogging: What Better To Earn Money

This post is a part of our question answer series. Some of the questions asked by many beginner bloggers are given below:

Should I write a blog on a single topic or on multiple topics?

Should I create a single blog for multiple topics or should I create separate blogs for different topics? Blogging that in the world, we know the topic of any blog by the name of common "niche".

Yes, there is overlap between some niches, but the most important thing that matters is being consistent. Do not talk about Fincance on one day and pet care the other day.

Before starting any blog, you should ask yourself the following question:

What should be the topic of my blog? (Ie what should I write about?) When I talk about the niche from any new blogger, I get to hear something like this. I  have interest in lifestyle, fashion, photography, travel and health and I want to write about all these topics on my blog. I think it will be USP (Unique Selling Point) for my blog, because I will cover all these things in one place and also attract more and more readers. Before answering this question in detail, let me clear one thing in advance:

Choosing a multi niche will be a wrong step if you want to monetize your blog, that is, if you want to earn money from your blog.

If you are thinking of making a personal blog in which you want to write about many different topics, then it is fine to do so, because the main reason for your blogging is not to earn money.

Or if you are blogging, because you like to write, and want to write about multiple topics, and the idea of ​​making money from your blog in any way is not your priority at all, so as you wish. , Do that, write about the thing you want, as you like.

But if you want to make your blog in such a way that you can make money for yourself, creating a multi-topic blog or creating a multi-niche blog is not a right idea.

Let me explain this to you.

Creating a multi-topic blog is not right from the point of view of readership, SEO and earning money?

We have already made it clear that if you are doing blogging just for fun, then you can write about anything. The reason for this is that when you write a personal blog, you do not have to be concerned about traffic at all.

In a strict business sense, then:
Traffic = Money

If you are blogging because you want to earn money, you have to take a proper business approach.

Note: Making money from blogging is not as easy as it seems, but it is not so difficult either. If you do it properly, you can make good money, and you can earn at least enough to meet the expenses of your life.

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When you try to monetize, the multi-niche blog has some downsides:

1. Creating and defining the readership of your blog is difficult

Ask yourself some questions:

  • What compels you to susbcribe any blog?

  • If you are interested in one such topic like "relationships". How would you like to read blogs every day and subscribe - a blog which is related to relationship? Right? Or would you like to subscribe to a blog in which author tells about relationships as well as blogging, forex exchange, and smartphones?

  • If you will susbcribe a blog which has "blogging" as a topic, and you can see the author start publishing dog care related blog posts on that blog? Do you still allow that blog to be suspended or unsubscribe?

If you answer these questions by yourself, then you will realize that why a multi-niche blog cannot maintain the interest of readers for a long time.

Whenever you search any blog on any given topic, we come across thousands of options.

As a blog reader myself, I wish to subscribe to such blogs which are dedicated only on the topics that I wish to go about or in other words, in which I have an interest. I do not want unnecessary extra information about different topics, about which I am not interested at all.

If you subscribe to one of the blogs related to SEO, and later I start seeing related blog posts of author's dog on that blog or start seeing posts about their new home whose main blog It has nothing to do with the subject, I will simultaneously press the button of unsubscribe for that blog and I will susbcribe the blog related to any other SEO.

2. SEO work of a multi-niche blog will be quite difficult.

Search Engine Optimization, especially for any blog, which will also be made for income, is very important. To maintain good SEO, your blog should focus on a single topic.

Read this:

Let's assume that you operate a search engine like Google, and you have to rank one blog topic, "How to Take Best Photo in Daylight". So you have a choice between two blogs:

A blog that is dedicated only to photography tips. A blog that publishes posts about religion, photography and dog care.

You will probably choose the first blog, because you will first expect to get more quality content on the blog (because it is dedicated to photography) and there will be more chance that it will offer a better user-experince.

The Search Engine Optimization is also changing, and search engines like Google are ranking blogs keeping in mind factors like brand and authority. A single topic blog has more chances of gaining more authority over any multi-topic blog.

3. Making money from a multi-niche blog will also be very difficult.

So now consider the final and most important question:
Who will make more money single-niche blog or a multi-niche blog?

Remember this point:

  • The income of your blog depends on the quality of targeted traffic received by your blog.

  • You may have previously assumed that with multiple topics, a blogger can derive more traffic. But now you know the truth very well.

  • But even if this happens, targeted traffic always matters more.

An example is given below:

So let's assume that you have a company that has developed a camera and you have a limited budget for advertising. You are creating an advertising plan and you have two blogs to consider to place ads:

Blog # 1: This blog receives 10,000 pageviews every month and all the traffic coming to this blog comes only from the topics of photography and cameras.

Blog # 2: This blog gets 50,000 page views every month, and the traffic on this blog comes from different topics like photography, dog care, baby care, blogging tips and fitness etc.

So which blog would be good for advertising your product?

Yakinand, first blog will be great, for ROI (Return of Investment), in your advertising budget.

Why? Because your ads will get targeted traffic from the first blog and the second blog may send such traffic for you which is not at all interested in your camera.

Now you have understood very well what kind of blog you should create to get more traffic and make more income.

I would still recommend that you do not start a new blog on subdomain. It is always good to create a separate blog on a different domain.

Tip: If you are just starting now, do not start multiple blogs. First of all create a blog on a particular niche, and install Wordpress once that blog becomes well established, and a lot of traffic starts to derive for you, then you should start a new blog.

Let me know if you have any questions related to this post?

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