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How to earn money from Revenuehits Ad Network

If you are thinking of monetize your blog, then RevenueHits is a good option for you.  Earn money by creating an account on Revenuehits ad network and read this post to know why it is better than other ad networks.

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Adsense, then Revenuehits is the best option for you. How to earn money from Revenuehits.

You will know that getting approval of Adsense is not so easy and its policies are also very strict.  So many times, AdSense gets suspended due to a small mistake of yours.  Many times there are blog topics on which you do not get the approval of adsense such as Movie, Music, Game downloading sites, event blogs (wishes, quotes, images etc.).

How to earn money from Revenuehits

In such a situation you can use Revenuehits ad network and earn money from your blog. What is revenuehits and how you will use this ad network, let's know.

What Is RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a popular ad network, started in 2008 by Israel's startup company MyAdinis Ltd. It was started by a team of some tech publishers, finance experts and successful online marketers.

RevenueHits is a CPA (Cost Per Action) ad network, that is, it gives you money for every action happening in your blog. The best part of it is that it provides Geo-targeted ad serving technology for you, which helps you and the company to earn more revenue. How to earn money from Revenuehits

Right now Revenuehits has more than 1 millions active users, which receives more than 2 billions of ad impressions every day.

Revenuehits Benefits : 
  •  Once you sign up in RevenueHits, you get instant approval.
  •  Its minimum payout is just $ 20.
  •  You can also advertise Mobile format along with Desktop.
  •  It works on the CPA model, so CPM is better than other ad networks.

How to create RevenueHits account: 

Like other ad networks, first you have to create your account on Revenuehits. Go to the Revenuehits official website and click on Sign Up or Join Now For Free here.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

Now a form of One Step Registration will be open in front of you.  To create a publisher account on RevenueHits, you have to fillup such form below.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you have to fill the details in the form in this way.

  1.  First name: Enter your name here, but not the title.
  2.  Last name: Insert the title inside it.  (Ex: Deepak Kumar; First name: Deepak, Last name: Kumar)
  3.  Site URL: Enter the full URL of your blog with http or https.  (Ex:
  4.  Category: Select any category that your blog belongs to.
  5.  Skype Username: If there is an account on Skype, enter the username or leave it blank.
  6.  Login Information: Enter your email address and password.  Password minimum should be of 10 charecters and should contain capital, small letter, number as well as special character.
  7.  Add Data Protection Addendum: Inside this you have to scroll down and there will be a check box (I have read and agree's Terms of service and privacy policy.)
  8. And finally click on Sign Up button.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

After this, a mail will come on your Email ID, on which Activate My Account will be written, after clicking on it, your account will be activated. Here you enter your email address and password by entering your Publisher Sign In.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

After signing in, you have such a dashboard of RevenueHits open.  Now you can earn money by using its ad unit in your blog.  You will not have to wait for approval like other ad networks, you get approval as soon as you sign up.

Its interface is quite simple, you can learn about it by clicking on the option given above.  Let us know how to create ad unit in revenuehits and how to put it in your blog.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

How to put RevenueHits Ads on your blog?
 To create an ad unit, you have to click on Placements above.  Now a new page will open in front of you, where under My Placement you will get two options;  New Placement and New Mobile Placement.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

Within the New Placement, you find many desktop ad formats, as you can see in the screenshot below.  You can place it in your blog by selecting any of these (single or multiple) ad formats. How to earn money from Revenuehits

Click here to see the demo of how ad placement formats like Banner, Popunder, Floating Banner etc will look in your blog.

Within the new Mobile Placement, you get 7 ways of mobile ad format option, which you can apply in your blog.

After selecting one of these ad types, select the name of the ad unit and the blog / website in which that ad wants to place it. After creating the ad unit, you will get such an option as can be seen below.

Here you have to click on this (</>) button, now the code of that ad unit will be open in front of you. Copy that code.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

If your blog is in Blogger, then go to Layout and click on Add a Gadget where you want to place the ad and paste the code which you copied after selecting HTML / JavaScript widget and save it.  .

Layout <Add a Gadget << HTML / JavaScript

If you have properly placed the ad code in the right place, then you will start seeing ads in the blog.

Revenuehits Payment ?

You can transfer the payment of RevenueHits to your bank account through PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer.  Payout can be taken by PayPal and Payoneer at minimum $ 20 and payout at minimum $ 500 through Wire Transfer.

To setup the payment, first you go to the Account option, here you have to click on Billing Information.  After this, such a form will be open in front of you as you can see in the screenshot below.

Here you have to enter some basic information such as Payment method, Payee name, Billing address, Country etc.  As soon as your payment threshold is completed, payment will be transferred with just one click on the payment account given by you.

How to earn money from Revenuehits

If you liked RevenueHits ad network and want to create an account on it, then click on the button given below.

Hope this post will be helpful for you and Revenuehits will help you to earn money from your blog. If you still have any questions related to this ad network, you can ask in the comment below. How to earn money from Revenuehits

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What Is Adnow? How To Make Adnow Account - How To Make Money With Adnow

Hello friends, welcome to StepsToBlogging, today we will tell you that What is Adnow, if you also want to get information about How to make Adnow account, then you are reading the right post, through this post we will give you complete information about it.  Will give
 We are going to give you such important information about How to make money with Adnow in this post, which most people do not know about, if you want to know about How to work adnow, then from the beginning of this post  Must read till the end.

Friends, if you work on a website or blog, then you must have heard about AdNow, it is similar to Google Adsense, which you can earn money by putting on your website or blog, it has many features which provide high CPC on Bloging.

If you are worried about the low CPC you get from Adsense, then you can connect with AdNow, it provides a higher CPC (Cost Per Click) than Adsense.  Taking Approval of AdNow is very easy, you can earn good money by using AdNow on New Blogger Low Traffic.

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Like Adsense, it does not take much time to take approval, there are some blogs whose Adsense does not approve Adsense, they can use Blogger AdNow.  Today we will give you AdNow full knowledge in our post, now let us tell you what AdNow is.

What Is Adnow

AdNow is an advertising network from which you can earn money by placing ads on your blog.  AdNow Uk's advertising company that provides ads on CPC & Cpm (Cost Per Mile), is offering its service in more than 110 countries.

AdNow was formed in 2014 by a group called RBT and Big Data Group, a group of Group Digital Marketers.  AdNow Company started working with Publisher in 2015.

How To Make Money With Adnow

To earn money from AdNow, first of all you have to increase Visitor on your blog or website because you can earn as much as Visitor will visit your blog, if 100-200 Visitor opens your page daily then you are better than AdNow Money can be reduced.

To earn money from AdNow, first of all, you have to create an account on AdNow, let's now tell you about how to create an account on AdNow.

How To Make Adnow Account

  • AdNow Official Website

First of all visit the official website of AdNow or you can also go to its website by clicking on AdNow.

  • Signup
What Is Adnow? How To Make Adnow Account - How To Make Money With Adnow

On it, you will see the option of Signup in the Top Right Side, click on it.

  • Registration

 As soon as you click on the button of Signup, then the registration form will open in front of you, where you have to fill your Detail.

What Is Adnow? How To Make Adnow Account - How To Make Money With Adnow

  •  Name - Here you have to enter your full name.
  •  Email - Enter the mail from which you want to create your account here.
  •  Password - Here you have to enter strong password of your choice.
  •  Confirm Password - Enter the password you had entered here again.
  •  I Accept And Agree To All Of The Terms And Conditions - Click on its checkbox.
  •  I Am Not A Robot - You have to Verify Recaptcha by clicking here.
  •  Submit - After checking all your details, click on Submit Button.
  • Activate Account

After filling all the details, a Confirmation Mail will come to your email address, in which you will be given a link, by clicking on which you have to activate your account, now your account has been created on AdNow.

How To Use Adnow

  • Login AdNow Account

After the account is activated, you have to login to AdNow, enter your email and password to login and click on the Login button.

  • Add Site
As soon as you login, then the page will be open in front of you, there you will see the option of Add Site, click on it.

  • Fill Blog Details

Here you have to give your blog details.

  • Website Name - Here you have to give the name of your website on which you want to place ads.
  •  Website Address - Put the website you want to give for your blog here
  •  Website Language - Select the language of your website
  •  Website Traffic - In this option, you have to select the traffic of your blog

After giving all the details, click on Add Button, as soon as you click on it, then you will have a New Pop Page Open.

  • Click On Ok Button

Click on the check box in front of Agree with the Penalties in Case of Violence of the Rule and click on Ok Button.

As soon as you click on Ok Button, your Site AdNow Account…

  • Add widgets

Now a dashboard will be opened in front of you, where you can click on Add Widgets and add to your blog and apply it on your blog.

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 AdNow  Benefits

  • The best advantage of AdNow is that if you upload a Hindi blog or blog in another language, then it provides you ads in Hindi Fonts.
  •  AdNow pays you within 7 days. It follows the 7 Payment Scheme.
  •  In this, payment is made through Payoner, Paypal, and Wire Transfer.
  •  This Ad Network pays you at least 20 $.
  •  These ads are completely safe for you because the Ad of this Ad Network is already checked.
  •  In this ad network, you can create your personal account, in which there is complete information of your ads.
  •  These ads do not create any problem on your website, the speed of this network is fast, it does not matter on your website.
  •  You can customize Widget Ads according to your needs.


So friends, this was our today's post What Is AdNow , about which we gave you complete information about it, we hope that we have explained you how to make Adnow account  well and you understand our post very well I must have come.

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How to find a stolen mobile CEIR Mobile Tracking Portal | How to Track Lost Mobile | Lost Mobile Trick 2020

How to get a stolen mobile  How to find your mobile In this article, we are going to talk about how to find a stolen mobile, that is, if you have a stolen mobile phone, then how can you track it?  If you also have a mobile stolen, how can you track it or How to block stolen mobile.

Mobile phone selling is happening fast, the number of mobile customers is increasing, so the number of mobile solten has increased.  Earlier, when someone's mobile phone was stolen, he would simply block his SIM card by calling his Telecom Company Customer Care Number ...

But there is a bad news for those who steal mobile, Indian Government has come to stop the business of mobile theft of such thieves.  Actually, Indian Government has launched a portal named CEIR, where the stolen mobile can be blocked and a complaint can also be made of that mobile.

What is CEIR? 

The full name of CEIR is Central Equipment Identity Register.  This is a kind of database store name of the Indian Government's Mobile IMEI Number.  Which already exists in India and in the coming days to sell in the market IMEI Number of Mobile Phone and stores it.

Through CEIR, Indian Government keeps a record of your mobile phone, if you want to block your stolen mobile and want to track and complain with it, then you can do it through CEIR Portal.  Portal named Indian Government CEIR has been launched, through which you can block or track stolen mobile.

What is IMEI Number? 

IMEI has a full form International Mobile Equipment Identity.  Which means international mobile device identification im.  To say that the IMEI number of the mobile you are using is a unique number,

Which every mobile phone user has different IMEI number.  Which you can find out by typing * # 06 # in your mobile dial Paid.  Apart from this, when you have made a mobile purchase, the IMEI Number in its box also remains Mansion.

You can change your SIM number mobile, but you cannot change your IMEI number, even if you want to change it by doing your mobile root even then it will not change, even if it is, then that mobile is no longer usable  Will be able to live.

What is Mobile Tracking Portal? 

Now you can also call Mobile Tracking Portal as CEIR Portal, because this attempt by Indian Government is going to help in finding the stolen mobile.  If you have stolen your mobile through the Mobile Tracking Portal CEIR, then you can complain about it through this portal,

You can block that mobile, so that it will not be able to use mobile and together you can also track that mobile.  Just for this you should know the IMEI number of your mobile.  Even if you do not have the IMEI number of your stolen mobile, you can still complain with the IMEI number written in that mobile box.

What can we do in CEIR Portal

You also want to know how to find mobile from IMEI Number, then CEIR Portal is the biggest thing for you because you can search your lost mobile for this website and together you can do many other types of activity.  You will not have your mobile yet, which is mentioned below: -

1. If your mobile has been stolen, then you can block it, so that all the data you have in that mobile will be blocked and that mobile will not be usable, even if someone installs another SIM card in that mobile. No telecom company will do SIM work in your mobile. In a way, we can say that the mobile bus has been a wagon.

2. If you want to find your mobile then you can also find here through your IMEI Number. If you do not find where your mobile is, then you have more option.

3. You can supplement your stolen mobile. In which you have to provide some details, after which your Area Police will provide it to you by searching.

How to Find Mobile with CEIR Portal

Do you also want to know how to find a stolen mobile, how to find a lost mobile, how to find a lost mobile, how to find a mobile with an MI number, how to find a mobile with an IMEI number, stolen mobile phone, my phone To find out the answer to all these questions, you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to open the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) website, after that you will show the image as shown below.

2. Now you will have three Options Show below in front of you which is the following: -

Block Stolen / Lost Mobile: - From where you can block your stolen mobile, so that all the data in your mobile will be deleted and your mobile will be blocked. So that no one can use it now.

Un-block Found Mobile: - From where you can un-block your mobile phone which you had blocked, so that it will be able to reuse mobile again. Remember, the person who blocked this mobile can also unblock it.

Check Request Status: - If you have complained your stolen mobile on CEIR portal, then you can check the status of that application from here, in which process your application is currently.

3. When your mobile is stolen, you have to click on the option of Block Stolen / Lost Mobile.

4. Now you will have a Request for Blocking Lost / Stolen Mobile Form Show, which you will have to fill.

Device Information: - In the form with this name, you used to put your mobile number in your SIM lost mobile, if you used two numbers, then you can type both, otherwise you can type the same mobile number.

After that you have to type the IMEI number of your mobile, if you do not know the IMEI number of your lost mobile, then when you purchased that mobile, then its box remains mansion from there, you can see it and type it.

Now you have to select which brand your mobile was and what is its Device Model. You have to fill it all.

Then you have to upload a photo of your mobile purchase Invoice Bill. Which you will definitely have, if you do not have your Mobile's Invoice Bill, then when you took it online, then you can take Invoice again by going to My Order or you took offline who go to that Retailer and get their Invoice again. Can be obtained

Lost Information: - In the form with this name, you have to tell where your mobile is lost in which you have to fill the lost place, Lost Date, State, District, Near Police Station.

Here the option of Police Complaint Number and Upload Police Complaint Photo is also given, if you have not done your lost Mobile Police Complaint, then first you have to complain to it in your local Police Station, so that Cyber ​​Team will help you in finding it.  Can do.

Mobile Owner Personal Details: - Here you have to fill the personal details of the person who used to use this mobile, whose name he was Mobile Add.

Here, you have Mobile Owner Full Name, Address, Identity Photo, Identity Number, Email ID which was logged in Mobile.  After filling all this, there will be an OTP Send on your given number which you will have to Verify by typing.

Then finally you have to read the box containing its disclaimer and tick it and after that you have to click on Submit Button.

After all this, Central Government's Cyber ​​Security Force will track your lost mobile through CEIR.  She will then block him.  Even when your mobile block becomes there, CEIR will keep trying to track it through your mobile's IMEI number.

When Cyber ​​Security Team comes to know your stolen mobile or Lost Mobile Detail, then they will contact you through personal details in the form given by you and will provide you your mobile which you can use through your Complaint Number.  Unblock can also be used to reuse again.

How to Unblock Block Mobile

If your lost mobile phone has been found by CEIR through Cyber ​​Team and you have found that mobile, then you have to first unblock that block mobile, so that you can use it again, for this you will  Has to follow: -
  1. First of all click on this link of CEIR Portal.
  2. Then a small form will open in front of you, as you have to fill.

  1. When you have complained about your mobile being lost on the CEIR portal, then you will have got a request ID which is the first thing you have to type.
  2. Then the same mobile number you gave to block the mobile, after that you again type the same mobile number.
  3. Now you have to click on Button with Get OTP and Verify OTP and click on Submit Button.

Now your Block Mobile will become Unblock after some time, which you can use it again and you can also retrieve your lost data. So in this way you can unblock your Block Mobile.

How to check CEIR Complaint Status

If you want to know how to check CEIR Complaint Status, then you can do this very easily. For this, you can click on the check request status page of CEIR portal and type your request ID and click on Submit Button.

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Here you can check your Lost Mobile Complaint Status.  In which many details will be given.  In which your Lost Mobile Complaint Application Status will be written about which Situation your Complaint is at present.

Last word

How did you find a stolen mobile in this article?  How to Find Lost Mobile Hope you too have learned how to do Lost Mobile Block.  Do share it on social media, so that everyone can know about How to find lost mobile.  Thank you very much to all of you for reading this article from beginning to end.

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08:18 Review |What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net

Hello Friends Welcome to Today we are going to tell you Review | What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net, then you have come to the right place. Because in today's post you will know that how to earn money from

How To Make Money With Media.Net will also know you through this post today. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Likewise, you continued to like all the posts on our blog.

Now days everyone is earning money online and it is very easy. The use of the Internet has made everything easier. Even we can earn money online. If you are a blogger then you must know about Media.Net. With its help, you can earn good money by blogging.

To earn money from this, you must first create an account on it, only then you can earn money from Media.Net. And it is also important to know what is its Terms & Condition. So you will learn further how to use it for your blog. Review |What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net

So let's know How To Make Money With Media.Net if you also want to earn good money using it, then read this post How To Make Money With Media.Net from beginning to end. Only after reading the post completely, you will get full information about it.

What Is Media.Net

It is provided by Yahoo and Bing. You can also call it Adsense Alternative. This can also be very good for those who are not getting Adsense Approve. Its biggest feature is that it is the Contextual Ads Network.

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Meaning, the topic on which the post of your blog is, you will be shown ads of the same type. In this, you can also customize your ads. If your blog is in Hindi, then you cannot use it. It supports English language only. It is also very easy to earn money and it becomes quick to approve for the blog.

How To Work Media.Net

First of all, you have to have an English blog or website.  Media.Net's Approval is available only to English websites or blogs.

When your blog or website is fully ready to show Ads, then you have to apply for it.

After which you get its Approval.  After getting approval, you can earn money by placing its ads on your website.

How To Create Media.Net Account

To use Media.Net, you have to create an account on this. Know Media.Net Account Kaise Banaye:

1. Go To Website

 First of all, you have to go to its official website Media.Net.

2. Enter Your Details

After visiting the website, you will have to give some information about it.

  • Enter Website Url - You have to enter the Url of your website in it.
  • Enter Email Address - and now enter your Email Address. 
  •  Mobile Number - Enter your mobile number in it.
3. Enter Captcha Code

Now enter Captcha in the Captcha box.

4. Tap on get started

After giving your information, click on Get Started. Now a mail will come on your email, in which you will be told that it will take some time to get your account approved.
 Whenever your account is approved, your Username and Password will be sent to your Email Adress.

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After that you can create Ads in Media.Net and put it on your blog or website. So in this way you can create an account on Media.Net and use it for your blog.

How To Make Money With Media.Net

In this, payment is made after your account becomes 100 $.  With the help of Paypal or Wire Transfer Bank, you can take your payment once it is 100 $.

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This network gives you High Cpc (Cost Per Click). All the ads that are placed on your site are of High Cpc. Media.Net's Cpc is 0.50, then you get 1 $ on 2 Clicks.

Media.Net Account Features 

In this, you also get many features, using which you can make your blog better.  So further, know what its features are:
  • Contextual Advertisement
Your blog will have the same type of Ads Show as the content you have written for your blog.

  • Mobile Ads
It detects the mobile browser and makes them show ads according to the browser the user is using.

  • High Quality Ads
In this you will get Ads of High Quality.

  •  No Account Ban Issue
Your account will not be banned in Media.Net.

Media.Net Advantages

If you use Media.Net, then you also get its benefits.  So know what are the benefits of using it:

  •  In this, you can also select your category, which category should have Ads Show.
  •  It also shows ads for mobile users.  So that the mobile user can also see the ads and click on them.
  •  Media.Net company also provides help facility to you.  It helps you to setup your Ads.
  •  You get click money in CPC ads.
  •  When the same user clicks on the ads repeatedly, it is called Invalid Click, which also benefits you.

Media.Net Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of Media.Net about which we are telling you further, then you know what its disadvantages are:

  •  It only supports the English language. This is its biggest disadvantage. Nowadays people do blogging in all languages.
  •  You add all the websites in it, they have to approve first, only then you can show ads. If a user wants to show Ads on more than one website, then all websites have to be added and approved.
  •  In this, you can add only 10 websites to one account.


Through today's post, you have learned Review  What Is Media.Net | How To Make Money With Media.Net | How To Work Media.Net that the information given by us will be useful for you.

How To Make Money with To get this information, please take help of this post of ours. Media.Net advantages may also have come to know you through today's post. Tell us how you liked this information by commenting.

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How to add custom robots.txt file in Blogger | what is Robots.txt file

If you do not know what is Robots.txt file? And how to add Custom Robots.txt file to Blogger, then you read this article completely.
This is very important for the SEO of your blog, due to its incorrect use, your blog can be completely removed from the search engine. To know the benefits and use of Robots.txt File, follow this guide.

Robots.txt file is directly connected to indexing and crawl rate of your blog. Generally all search engines have their own robots or bots that crawl your blog and the links given in it and index it in the search engine. Because of which whatever you update in the blog, the entire update also shows in the search engine, and what crawl will happen in your blog, it controle robot.txt.

What Is Robot.txt

Robots.txt is a text file with some simple code, which gives instructions to web crawlers which pages to crawl in your blog and which do not.
This file is saved in the server of any website or blog so that search engine bots can be managed. It is mainly used to prevent any non-importance webpages (Demo page, Archive, Labels etc.) from crawling.

How to add custom robots.text file in Blogger,what is Robots.txt file, custom robots.txt blogger generator custom robots header tags, custom robots.txt generator, where does the robots txt file go,where to find robots txt, robots txt sitemap, robots txt not found, how to submit robots txt to google

In simple language, through robots.txt file, you have the authority of your blog, which page you want to show in the search engine and which page you want to hide.

Note- Search engine scans the robots.txt file before crawling any web page.

By default Blogger's robots.txt file looks like this, as shown in the screenshot.
To see the Custom Robots file, after slipping (/) after the homepage URL of your blog, type robots.txt and press Enter.

Now let us see what is the meaning of this Robots.txt code?

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

This code is for Google AdSense robots, which manages what kind of Adsense ads will come on your blog and website.

User-agent: *

This code means that all search engine bots can crawl our blog. Asterisk (*) means all robot (googlebot, yahoo etc).

Disallow: / search

This means that wherever the first search keyword comes after your domain name, it will not crawl the search engine.


This link is the label name (Menu) of our blog. Similarly, all the labels in our blog will not be indexed.

Allow: /

This code helps to index your blog's Homepage by crawl.


Sitemap gives search engine information about all the existing and new posts of our blog. That is, whenever the web crawler scans our robots.txt file, sitemap will get information about all our published posts.

How to Add Robots.txt File Blogger

To add Custom Robots.txt file to Blogger, first of all login to Blogger and come to Dashboard.
Now you go to Settings and click on Search Preferences option.

  • In this page you will find a section Crawlers and indexing, where there will be an option of Custom robots.txt [Disabled]. To enable it, you have to click on Edit and tick Yes.
  • After this, copy the code given below and paste it in the box of Custom robots.txt and click on Save Changes.

Copy Robots.txt code
 User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
 User-agent: *
 Disallow: / search
 Allow: /
Use the sitemap of your blog instead of inside the Note-Sitemap.

How to add custom robots.text file in Blogger,what is Robots.txt file, custom robots.txt blogger generator custom robots header tags, custom robots.txt generator, where does the robots txt file go,where to find robots txt, robots txt sitemap, robots txt not found, how to submit robots txt to google

I have explained the entire process of adding Custom Robots.txt file to your Blogger, you can also add robots.txt file to your blog by following it.

If you want to hide a post or page from here, then you should have proper knowledge of robots.txt because the misuse of its blog can completely damage the SEO of your blog.  Do not tamper with its settings at all without knowledge.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020


How To Get Approval Infolinks Account | Infolink Account Approval 100% Working Top 10 Trick

Most bloggers have the same question that How to get approval infolinks account on their blog.  90% of bloggers do not get infolinks approval in their first attempt and they are forced to buy infolinks account after getting upset or quit blogging.

Making money from your blog is the dream of every new blogger and for this infolinks is the best monetization method.  But getting Infolinks approval is not that easy, especially for the new blogger.  The reason for this is that we do not have complete knowledge about Infolinks policy, due to which our application gets rejected. How To Get Approval Infolinks Account | Infolink Account Approval 100% Working Top 10 Trick

When I started blogging, I also did not get infolinks approval in the first 2 attempts.  But with experience, this work also became easier for me.

How To Get Approval Infolinks Account | Infolink Account Approval 100% Working Top 10 Trick

Today I am going to tell you about Infolinks approval trick , by following which you too can approve infolinks account on your blog like me.

How To Get Approval Infolinks Account

You will know that in a country like India, Pakistan, your blog should be 3 months old for Infolinks approval (As per Infolinks Guideline). But I have got my blog ( approved by Infolinks within just 2 months.

 How I have worked on this blog for 2 months and which tips you have to follow to get the approval of Google infolinks on your blog.

1.Use Custom Domain

StepsToBlogging I made this blog on Blogspot. First of all, I bought the domain ( from GoDaddy and after creating a blog on Blogspot, setup a custom domain in it.

If you have a blog in Blogspot, then firstly you use custom domain on your blog. Because it gets the approval of infolinks on your blog quickly and the Infolinks account you get is Non-hosted Infolinks Account.

Q: How many months should the domain be old before applying for Infolinks?

My domain ( is only 2 months old and I have received Infolinks approval on it. Infolinks was approved within 1 month on me and a blog. There is no particular day after which you apply for Infolinks. According to me, if you have high quality content, then you will get approval on 10 days old domain also.

 2- Create Important Pages

After creating a blog, it is important to have some important pages in it, such as About us, Contact us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy page. This pages shows that you are a professional and you are working according to Infolinks policies.

Online you will find many such websites from where you can create all these pages for the blog. Many times a blog gets approval of Infolinks even without all these pages. But it depends on your luck.

3- Choose Right Topic

Blogger does not give much importance to the topic whereas to get approve in Infolinks you should choose the right topic.

You try to make a blog related to education, health or technology, on which you will get approval of Infolinks soon.

Also do not create blogs or content related to Pornography / Adult materials, Pirated Content, Hacking or Cracking Tutorials, Illegal Drugs, Any Other Illegal Stuff.

4- Write Original / Unique Content

Most bloggers fail to follow this tip, due to which infolinks is not approved on their blog.

Whatever article or post you write should be your original and unique meaning that your content has not been copied from anyone. Most new bloggers copy content from another blog and create a new post, so that Infolinks easily grabs it and does not approve those blogs.

Along with the original content, the post should have proper headings and sub-headings, there should not be grammar and spelling mistakes, the post should be useful and informative.

Use the Copyscape Plagiarism Tool to check the originality of the content in your blog.

If you do not know how to write good unique content, then you can never be successful in blogging.

5- How many posts must be done before applying for Infolinks?

There is no specific answer to this, it depends on the length of your content.

If you write a 300 word post, then there should be minimum 25 to 30 posts in your blog. If you write an article of 500+ words, then there should be 20 to 25 posts in your blog and 15 posts with more than 800-1000 words will have to be written.

When I got the approval of Infolinks, there were only 15 posts on my blog and the length of each of my posts was 800 to 1000 words.

The more word content you write, the greater your chances of getting Infolinks Approval blog. Otherwise your infolinks will be disapproved due to insufficient content.
6- Supported Language

Infolinks does not support all language. In India, you can approve it through Infolinks a blog in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu languages. But if you create a blog in any other Indian languages ​​(Telugu, Marathi, Kannad, Gujarati etc).

7- Do not use copyright image

There should not be a copyrighted image of another site on your blog, especially by downloading any photo from Google Image and do not use it in your blog. Otherwise your Infolinks application will be rejected.

I use royalty free image on my blog from sites like, Apart from this, I create an image through Photoshop and and use it in the blog.

8- Blog Design (Responsive Theme)

For Infolinks approval, the design of your blog should be simple and professional. For this, use the right Theme / Template in your blog which is responsive and mobile friendly.

In addition to using a good theme, it will also have to be customized properly. Most of the new bloggers are not able to customize their theme well, due to which the design of the blog is not good.

A well-designed blog should have all these features:

  • Theme design should be simple or white background.
  • Good navigation.
  • Do not use unnecessary widgets in the sidebar or footer.
  • Set the menu appropriately.
  • On opening any link, there is no error.
  •  Blog has fast loading speed.

If your blog also has all these features, then now you can apply your blog for Infolinks approval.

9- Remove other Ad networks

If you are also using ads from other ad networks like adnow, Popads, Bidvertiser, Chitika, then before applying for Infolinks, remove those ads from your blog.

Infolinks allows some ad programs to show ads with them and does not support some ad networks. Therefore, remove all ads from your blog when you are applying for infolinks and until you get a reply from infolinks.

10- Blog Traffic

When I applied my blog for infolinks, then 100+ traffic was coming to my blog. But according to me, even if 50+ traffic is coming on your blog, you can still apply for infolinks approval.

Where is the most important traffic coming from your blog?

If you are using paid traffic or getting traffic from an illegal source, then your infolinks application will be rejected. Try to get more and more traffic to your blog from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) and Google search (organic).

Now apply your blog for infolinks Approval. If you have created your blog by following all these infolinks approval tips , then I give you 100% guarantee your blog will be infolinks approved. How To Get Approval Infolinks Account | Infolink Account Approval 100% Working Top 10 Trick

If your infolinks is not approved, then you must have understood how to approve infolinks Account and earn money from it. Here I have shared my experience of one and a half year. Hope you found this post helpful.

If you still have any question, you can ask me in the comment below.

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Friday, 17 January 2020


How to change permalinks in WordPress without losing traffic

WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management Site). We all know this because we can make such blogs and websites with the help of which we can customize to any extent.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it is very easy to use it and you can learn to use it well only after working with it for few hours. Apart from this, you will find millions of tutorials all over the internet about WordPress, which will help you a lot.How to change permalinks in WordPress without losing traffic

We have already shared many tutorials about WordPress on this blog with you so that you can understand every aspect of WordPress and be able to create a great blog or website.

One thing that takes time to learn with WordPress is Search Engine Optimization.  The reason for this is that any on page SEO can learn well only when they implement it themselves.

How to change permalinks in WordPress without losing traffic

In this article, I will talk about an improtant SEO aspect of WordPress and will tell you how you can change your permalink structure without losing your traffic in WordPress.

Why and how to change WordPress Permalinks?

Before I start my tutorial, I recommend you to read the post below.

This post will help you understand which permalink structure is the best and is SEO friendly.

Now if you have created a new blog, and you have changed the permalink structure as soon as you create a new blog, then you are on the right path.  But many new bloggers do not change the permalink structure while creating their new blog.  Many of them keep the default permalink and later realize that they have to change the permalink structure.

Now when you change the permalinks after publishing some blog posts on your blog, then there is a chance that your blog will be broken.  By Broken here I mean that many page errors will start to show and you will lose link juice.

In this guide I will share with you how you can change your permalinks without damaging your traffic and link juice.

So for now I assume that those who have a blog that has some blog posts publish, and now you are trying to change permalinks.

In most cases, WordPress handles redirection automatically and you don't have to worry about anything. What you just have to do is go to Settings> Permalinks and choose the permalink structure that you want to keep. I always recommend using /% postname% permalink structure, as we have also mentioned in an article above.

Once you change the permalinks, open any of your old permalink and then check whether it is redirecting you to your new permalink. If yes, then congratulations you do not need to do anything now, if not then keep reading.

Many times what happens is that the old permalinks start to show 404 error. In such cases you have to check your .htaccess file. You have to change the permission of your .htaccess file to 777 and then repeat the process mentioned above. By doing this your problem should be removed. When you change from Day and Name permalink to% postname% permalink, you can use this code in the .htaccess file, with the default .htaccess code in Wordpress. Also make sure that your .htaccess file also contains the following lines.

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress
If you have also internal linked your blog posts earlier, then you can install this plugin named broken link checker plugin and can also update old URLs quickly on new ones by using its redirection module.  If you are familiar with WordPress, you will not face any problem in following this method.  If you are not familiar, you can tell me through comments and I can also do this for you. How to change permalinks in WordPress without losing traffic

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